Safeguard your packaging materials

STAM would like to advise all its members that packaging materials are now at risk. Please ensure you put in measures to safeguard your packaging materials. They are your sole existence. You may consider taking stock everyday: from source, transit and storage. You may also consider taking a closer look at the officers responsible for these crucial items. Routine check outlets to ensure what you have distributed is indeed what is found on the market.

Your packaging materials, your reputation, your business. Take full control.

Farmers are advised not to offer for sale the seed packing materials and they should scratch the label and send the code to 3015 to check the source and quality of the seed.


All seed packs should have a seed label with accurate information. There two types of labels; stick on and stitch on. No label should be put inside the seed pack. The mother bag should also carry a label.

All seed packs should have activated scratch seed label

For more information, contact STAM or SSU