STAM background

Seed Trade Association of Malawi (STAM) is apex body of seed companies established on 24th September 2004 broadly to promote use of improved seeds to achieve high productivity for food and cash and ensure consistency and reliability in the supply of high quality certified seed to farmers. Seed Trade Association of Malawi membership has grown from five in 2004 to   currently twenty-four.  Of the twenty-four seed companies, twenty are national seed companies while four are multinational seed companies. Five seed companies are owned by women.

We are partners with SADC Seed Centre, which is a regional body that facilitates seed trade in the Southern Africa Development Community.

Members are categorised into three: big seed companies, medium and small seed companies based on volumes being produced. Companies producing less than 500 metric tons are regarded as small and those above 500 metric tons but below 1000 metric tons are medium. Companies above 1000 metric tons are considered to be big seed companies.

STAM was established out of the need to bring sanity in the seed industry by:

  • Ensuring that only registered seed enterprises produce and market seed in the country
  • Ensure that seed ethical standards are adhered to by registered companies
  • Ensure that Farmers access to seed is improved
  • Ensure consistent supply of quality seed to farmers.
  • Ensure that quality issues regarding seed are observed by all players in seed value chain
  • Coordinate seed and seed related programs to ensure success for improved food and income security of farmers
  • Being platform for business linkages: Seed Suppliers, farmers, outlets and finance institutions.
  • Contributing towards policies formulation in the Malawi agriculture sector to protect both farmers and seed suppliers.
  • Contributing towards regional policies through African Seed Trade Association

The Association implement activities with funding from its members mainly through membership fees paid annually. Where necessary the association may get assistance from development partners to implement specific projects and programs to strengthen the seed system.

Fund raising activities of the association include Seed Magazine where industry stakeholders advertise, facilitation of seed outlet registration and organizing seed congress.

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