Malawi seed traders ready to adopt biotech


International Service for Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Application (ISAAA) has expressed worry over slow adoption of Biotechnology by Africa due to fears of misconceptions surrounding the biotech crops.

Africa's biotechnology battle

ISAAA Program Officer, Paul Chege, said in Lilongwe during the weekend at the Seed Sector Awareness meeting on Biotechnology that most African countries are failing to adopt biotechnology crops in their countries because of negative perceptions which are not true.

“These misconceptions are not true. Countries in developing countries adopted the Biotechnology since 1990’s and it has proved to be the fastest crop technology for food security,” he said.

He said biotechnology is one way of contributing to food security and more sustainable Agriculture as farmers harvest more in their fields than other crops.

Seed Traders Association of Malawi (STAM) Chairperson John Lungu said the seed sector in Malawi is ready and prepared to adopt biotechnology as a solution to many challenges facing the country’s agriculture.

“Local seed companies especially those in the business of multiplication of seeds as well as farmers continue to experience a lot of challenges in terms of adverse weather conditions, pests and diseases and low yields,” he said.

He said biotechnology is an opportunity and a solution for them to increase crop production thereby contributing to food security.